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Why Choose VY Web Design?

VY Web Design was established in 2000.  Providing Search Engine Optimization before Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were even around.  If that doesn’t make us feel old, this next bit of information is going to age me even more.  Do you remember how you found a business or services 25 years ago? The Yellow Pages was the best way to find businesses in your city. If you ask anyone today, “How do I find this restaurant?”, what’s their immediate reply… “Google it”. Yup that’s right, no one says “Grab the phone book”.  Google is the #1 Search Engine for good reason. They bring you quality content for the items you search. Unlike Bing or Yahoo, Googles content is always the best. Why? They focus their output on the Best User Experience. From a business stand point, this makes total sense, good service makes for returning customers. So Google has developed several US Patents on their Search Algorithms to bring you the best quality searches. As many of you people may or may not have notice Google has been very busy in 2015, releasing 4 updates to date. If SEO is not your business, Algorithm updates are confusing and often lead SEO consultants down the path of Over optimization or even Google penalties. For VY Web Design, Google Algorithms are speed bumps that are easily over come. That might sound arrogant, it’s not, it’s confidence. How can we be so confident you ask? Unlike most SEO company, we have access to the top 200 SEO experts in North America. Trusted SEO professionals at the top of their game, who live and breath Search Engine Optimization.


You will never guess who the next biggest Search Engine is…Youtube.  It’s not had to believe that people want to watch and listen instead of read, that’s why videos are one of the most effective medias you can use online.  Optimizing your You Tube Channel is very important, to help you cash in on the 13 billion monthly searches.  That’s right, 13 billion monthly searches. The human brain cannot even begin to fathom 1 million let alone 13 billion.  Videos can be an explosive media for traffic generation. Your business can dominate your market, on Youtube, with our SEO services.

The next item to address on your Website is, how to optimize it for all the devices that people are using.  Websites interact differently if you using a desk top computer, mobile smart phone or tablet.  There has been a large shift in the market share toward mobile devices and your site needs to adapt or be left behind.

youtube-pie-chartDEVICE CHARTFinding your target market and getting your website in front of them. As a Canadian Business I would not spend my time trying to show the world my website.  I would focus my efforts on Geo Location Identifiers that would promote my website to the correct audience, Canadians.   Google knows where the searches are being conducted and wants to provide their Users the best experience.  Therefore will show them there local market first.  If nothing quality to their location the Google expands it’s search base on the most relative high domain sites.  Your website can be associated to any market you want, however your local market is usually best suited for your business.  Videos are the same and can be manipulated to show in your location.  Canadians are the heaviest users online, no not how much they weigh…how many hours they spend searching for you.  On average Canadians spend 45 hours on the internet per month, compared Americans at 40 hours.  The rest of the world averages 24 hours online.  With this in mind Canadian website should be the searched more than any where else in the world.

Our goal to be your key strategic partner, showing Canadians and the world how great your business is and converting them into clients one keyboard at a time.  Go to the Discovery Form Page and fill out your company profile and take the first step to out ranking your competition and capitalizing on hundreds on opportunities for you  business.

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