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    We understand your industry and how to create exponential growth of your business with a proven online strategy.


    Set up fully functioning E-commerce Stores and get quality Traffic.

    Real Estate

    We consult for REW and Sierra for SEO. Lead Generation thru IDX or DDF feeds and ranking them.

    Get SEO keywords for real estate


    Generate leads for Mortgage Broker to Financial Planners.

    Digital marketing for mortgage brokers


    Create a lead generating sales Funnel for Home Services, Appliance Repair, Roofers, Plumbers, Landscapers

    Our Work

    We create ideas that perform and generate results

    Technical SEO consultant for REW, Sierra and other Real Estate webmaster.

    Focusing on the Users and the Machine (Google) is an art form. Making beautiful websites is extremely important but Ranking is the priority, because no one will ever see your beautiful web site if it doesn’t rank for keywords.  Staying on the leading edge of the ever changing Algorithms calls for continually testing and education.   We bring you the latest SEO strategies to mitigate Google Algorithms. Cutting thru the noise of the so called Gurus and focusing on the 200 ranking signals. Contact us today for a Digital marketing consultant technical review of your content and learn how Google indexes, crawls and ranks your website.

    • International Clients across multiple Niches.

    • Continual  Education and Researching Algo Patents

    • Commitment to success, people helping people.


    We give you an Unfair Advantage over your competition. As business owners ourselves, we recognize the power of the web and the importance of higher Search Engine Rankings.

    We know how hard you work to earn money. We use our Knowledge, Tools and Experience to stretch your dollars for maximum ROI online. A small investment now, leads to more and more customers going forward.

    We pride ourselves in becoming your key Strategic Partner to generate more leads and more sales. Established in 2001 we have designed and ranked hundreds of websites. Our success is your success. Digital marketing consultant service is available .

    99% of Marketing Companies do not know how to leverage Social Media in cost effective way. Our Facebook Advertising has the incredible ability to target your exact audience. Hitting them with what they want on their platform of choice.


    Go to any public place and look around you, everyone is glued to their Smart Phones. Radio and Print Media is fading fast. We can help you get your message to your Target Market. You need to reach your audience where they are at. Turn on your Webcam and reach out around the world.


    98% of all users don’t go to page 2 of Google. It doesn’t matter how great your products and services are, if people can’t find you. We build your Organic Ranking to bring your Target Market to your website thru Keyword Base Search Results.


    Facebook is the undisputed king of Social Media. Yes it is a personal social platform but it has the most sophisticated Ad Capabilities and most usage by far. Facebook has more information on the general public than the CIA, FBI or CSIS combined. We will manage your FB advertising campaigns thru our sophisticated 6 step sales funnel.

    Real Client Case Studies

    Travel Company

    10X the traffic in 2 months.

    Web design - Barrie, Ontario - VY Web Design


    Move to a bigger facility to keep up with demand.

    Real Estate Team

    Ranking in Multiple Cities in maps Team hired new staff. DDF feed bringing quality leads.

    Mortgage Franchise

    A well established mortgage company tried franchising with Bricks and Mortar stores 10 years ago and did not work out.  They decided to do the Online Franchise Model with our team. Our Digital Marketing for Mortgage Brokers results were fantastic.  Quote from the owner “Best year in 25 years, let do more cities!”

    Charities we support

    One of our favourite local Charities is My Friends House. Located in Collingwood Ontario they are a safe haven for abused women and their children. VY Web Design believes in giving back to the community and has provided over $31,000 of Free Advertising thanks to our Google Partners Certifications.

    Why Choose VY Web Design?

    VY Web Design and SEO Services in Barrie Ontario was established in 2001.  Providing Search Engine Optimization before Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were even around.  If that doesn’t make us feel old, this next bit of information is going to age us even more.  Do you remember how you found a business or services 25 years ago? The Yellow Pages was the best way to find businesses in your city. If you ask anyone today, “How do I find this restaurant?”, what’s their immediate reply… “Google it”. Yup that’s right, no one says, “Grab a phone book”.  Google is the #1 Search Engine for good reason. They bring you quality content for the items you search for, these are called Keywords. Unlike Bing or Yahoo, Googles content is always the best. Why? They focus their output on the Best User Experience. From a business stand point, this makes total sense, good service makes for returning customers. So Google has developed several US Patents on their Search Algorithms to bring you the best quality searches. As many of you may or may not have notice, Google has been very busy in 2018, releasing 4 major updates and several minor updates. If SEO is not your business, Algorithm updates can be confusing and often lead web designer down the path of over optimization or even Google penalties. Let us handle your online presence so you can focus on what you do well, your business.

    The next item to address on your Website is, how to optimize it for all the devices that people are using.  Websites interact differently if you using a desk top computer, mobile smart phone or tablet.  There has been a large shift in the market share toward mobile devices and your site needs to adapt or be left behind.

    Finding your target market and getting your website in front of them. As a North Amercican Business I would not spend my time trying to show the world my website.  I would focus my efforts on Geo Location Identifiers that would promote my website to the correct audience, US or Canada.   Google knows where the searches are being conducted and wants to provide their Users the best experience.  Therefore will show them there local market first.  If nothing quality to their location the Google expands it’s search base on the most relative high domain sites.  Your website can be associated to any market you want, however your local market is usually best suited for your business.  Videos are the same and can be manipulated to show in your location.  Canadians are the heaviest users online, no not how much they weigh…how many hours they spend searching for you.  On average Canadians spend 45 hours on the internet per month, compared Americans at 40 hours.  The rest of the world averages 24 hours online.  With this in mind Canadian website should be the searched more than any where else in the world.

    Web Design Barrie

    Our goal to be your key strategic partner, showing Canadians and the world how great your business is and converting them into clients one keyboard at a time.  Go to the Discovery Form Page and fill out your company profile and take the first step to out ranking your competition and capitalizing on hundreds on opportunities for your  business.

    We also provide white label services for other Marketing Agencies and we have several locations throughout Ontario. Please contact us if you looking to outsource your SEO to professionals.

    We provide services to other parts of the province including Web Design. Web design is the key structure and sure be the foundation of all online marketing campaigner. Find our Web design Barrie service can be challenging, having a clear concise goal in mind with a structured layout is the first step. Our SEO Agency can provide your business a streamline process from beginning to end.

    Web Designer in Barrie Ontario

    With almost 2 decades of web design we have acquired a deep understanding of how Google and other search engines will approve your web site. A  simple Google search like Search Engine Optimization will show you the power of what we can do for you or any business.   Don’t entrust your website to a web design send it to the SEO experts. We have recently opened up a US office in Florida find us here. at Tampa Bay SEO. Google is obviously the biggest and the best search engine because it gives us great ranking results for keyword phrases like  Search Engine Optimization Orangeville People are doing local search because they are being specific, because they need a service in a geographically area. Now that is a very simplistic approach but is a great foundation for your web presents.

    Social media is playing a big part in our success stories. We are known as a Barrie Facebook Advertising agency helping our clients reach bigger markets national and internationally. The reason we use Facebook is because it has the broadest reach.

    For more information on how we can help your business contact our SEO team today either by phone or email. We will layout a strategy that will bring you more clients to grow your business.

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