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When you decided to become a chiropractor, you probably did it either because you knew that it was a great career financially and, you wanted to help heal people. Helping others keep their health or get back to a state of wellness is a rewarding career, and being paid handsomely for it makes it all the sweeter. Still, while your schooling likely taught you all there is to know about the chiropractic sciences, it likely didn’t convey to you the importance of having a good website.

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If you’re not actually one of the practising chiropractors in the office you work in, you might just be a staff member in charge of marketing. If you’ve been putting it off or neglecting it, you shouldn’t.

Healthcare is a profitable field, and one very much in demand. Pretty much everyone alive wants to take care of themselves and feel good. Having said that, you still need to let local consumers and patients know that your office or practice is open for business. A website plants your flag and can serve as the centrepiece of your marketing, advertising, and outreach efforts as you try and fill your appointment slots.

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While patients are probably going to pay attention to you and what you tell them while they’re in your actual office, how much could they learn just from browsing your website? Articles about chiropractic work in general, specifics about taking care of themselves, aftercare, and getting ready for an appointment can all prove very beneficial information. If your site is as educational as it is functional, prospective patients might spend more time at your site than your competitors.

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The web content shouldn’t just be useful, but also convincing. Whenever possible, have the chiropractor in charge of your office sign off on any content on the site. If you are that chiropractor, consider writing it yourself, or at least reviewing what you had ghostwritten. You need to establish yourself as an expert showing them the benefit to working with you and your team. Voice search is expected to become bigger in 2018, so consider titling your articles and content as the specific questions that consumers might ask Siri, Alexa, or Cortana.

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As stated, your website should be both informative and functional. Make sure your contact information is on the site, along with the days that you are open and the hours that you are open on those days. Your address can prove critical for mobile marketing efforts, as well as for anyone driving to your place for the first time.

Schedule appointments: You might not want patients scheduling their own appointments online, but you can certainly provide them with the power to see what openings are available and request certain slots, pending actual approval the following business day.

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Do you have forms that patients might need to fill out when they come to your office? Providing them online means they can cut down on the paperwork when they come to visit, speeding up their time there and giving your office staff a heads up on all the things that they need to process. You might even list what kinds of insurance you accept and even allow for billing and patient accounts online for further convenience to your patients.

Chiropractic SEO

One of the biggest reasons why you want a good website is because of the search engine optimization benefits it can bring. Content is a huge measuring stick for Google in terms of ranking sites. It’s not enough to deliver websites to their users that are relevant to the search strings and queries entered, but also actually useful to them. In-depth, reputable, high-caliber content is how you do that. As mentioned earlier, the content you put up should convince anyone visiting your site that you’re not only a qualified chiropractor, but a good one. Having a website that ranks number one for your keywords will build credibility for you even among those that have yet to click on the link bringing them to your site.

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Now that you know the several reasons why a chiropractor should have a good website, keep all of them in mind if you are currently a practitioner or running the office of one. Contact us about making sure your current site is optimized for now and the future search queries.

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