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Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies

Facebook Advertising

facebook adLook around you in any public place: at work, in a store, on the subway. What is everyone doing? That’s right, they are looking at their phones. Most people monitor their Facebook feed seven to ten times per day. That’s so frequent that it’s becoming a workplace epidemic. Employers are now blocking Facebook from the Internet at work!

Facebook in particular and social media in general have become a very important part of online marketing. Social media’s influence is only

growing. In 2017 over a dozen small town community newspapers in Simcoe County closed their doors for good due to falling ad revenues. Where are those dollars going? The smart money is putting them into targeted social media advertising and SEO.

Old media versus new media

Advertising with those newspapers that shut their doors, as well as magazines both print and online, can cost thousands of dollars. Take a magazine ad. A magazine may have a distribution of 40,000, in your area, which sounds great. But all you know about those 40,000 people is that they have a common general interest: the focus of the magazine, say the great outdoors. They don’t have a specific common interest, like lightweight tents. If that’s what you’re selling, only a small percentage of the $1,000 you spend on that magazine ad will reach your exact target audience—assuming they flip to the right page.

Facebook is a great example of modern day targeted advertising. We get your message out to people at a very low cost, commonly measured in cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Compare Facebook CPM to any other marketing vehicle’s targeted CPM and you will see that Facebook’s is a small fraction.

Driving traffic to your website

Facebook drives traffic to your website in 2 ways:

  • It’s a trusted social media platform that sends visitors to your site
  • In doing so, it helps your Google ranking

That’s right: every time that someone clicks through to your site from Facebook, Google gives it a big thumbs-up!

Facebook is not only the most popular form of social media—people also spend more time on Facebook than on other apps. Instagram has a short time on page, but with Facebook you’re reading about your friends and checking up on articles, so time on page is lengthy.

Facebook advertising is a great way to promote your business and services and an incredibly effective way to reach new markets. One of the reasons for this is people feel that Facebook is a trusted place where they are surrounded by friends and family. In such an atmosphere, you let your guard down. Plus, there’s the suggestion that your friends like what’s being advertised. And if they like it…it must be good! Today more than ever, companies of all sizes are becoming aware of the need to advertise on Facebook.


How to advertise on Facebook

The big problem with Facebook advertising is that it’s very difficult to do well. Most inexperienced advertisers on Facebook burn through their budgets with little return—and Facebook is kind enough to encourage them to keep spending.

At VY Web Design, we follow a number of Facebook ‘gurus’. We also take SEO and Facebook advertising training courses, notably a 4-day course at CONFERENCE in CITY, STATE in 2017. Year after year, we spend tens of thousands of dollars on research, development and education. As a result, we know how to maximize ROI on ad spend and create new business opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Like all marketing platforms, the goal with Facebook is to maximize your reach to your exact target market. What do you want them to do? That depends on your business, but ultimately you want them to purchase your products and/or services.

Have you noticed that when you go to Facebook you’ll see ads for products or services of websites you visited recently? That’s one of the biggest perks of Facebook: retargeting. Set up a pixel on your website and you can serve Facebook ads to people that visit.

What does Facebook advertising cost?

Facebook advertising costs are all up to you. You can set a maximum spend limit and also daily limits so that you don’t run through your entire budget in a day. Facebook wants to spend your money as quickly as possible, so make sure you put those limits in place!

To pull value out of Facebook advertising, the first thing we do is to set up dozens of ads, casting a wide net. Then we narrow it down to spend on what’s actually working. That’s your actual target audience—not just your best guess of who your target audience is going to be.

Facebook advertising tips

Images are probably one of the most important items to nail down. Humans make decisions based on what they see as much as on what they read, so your ad should be visually appealing (or arresting) to your target audience. On Facebook, the first thing you need to do is to prevent people from scrolling past your post. That’s easier said than done! Advertising on Facebook is best compared to a TV commercial. People are on Facebook for entertainment, so you need to come across their screen in a non-threatening way. When you do that, it works.

VY Web Design will help you make informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t in terms of images. Another great tip is the color red: it tells people to stop and look. Red triggers your subconscious to stop and look before moving on. Yes, stop signs work!

Facebook advertising do-it-yourself basics

If you are a more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, we can show you the basics. VY Web Design offers a number of social media training videos that show you the proper set up for your Facebook Business page and how to make relevant posts that engage your audience. Our training packages range from beginner to intermediate. We can show you how to minimize your time and costs to get the best return on your investment.

We encourage all our customers to get connected and use the power of social media to exponentially expand their marketing efforts. However, we know that most businesspeople don’t have the time or the skills to create great content. That’s why we have content curators and writers to help you spread your message, all with one goal in mind: pushing new eyeballs to your website and winning you new customers.

Social Media Packages

  • Basic Page Set-up
  • Connect with your blog for auto syndication to Social Media
  • Curated Content
  • Sales Funnel
  • Access thousands of potential clients


Start your Facebook advertising campaign

Marketing studies show it takes five to eight ‘touches’ to convince prospective leads to commit to your products or services. Social media can help build your brand and get more eyeballs onto your content more frequently so that they begin to buy.

Facebook Advertising Example

We have a Canadian customer that sells a certain kind of home appliance. They spent $1,500 on Facebook advertising with VY Web Design and to date have made 22 directly attributable sales. Each sale generates approximately $300 profit, for a total of $6,600 in revenue. And that’s just to start.

In this case our customer tripled their investment. Now that we know more about their target audience’s behaviour, we anticipate doing even better on future campaigns.

For more information on Facebook Advertising contact us at www.vywebdesign.com. We can put together a Facebook Advertising Campaign to suit your goals and budget.

Image source: Pexels