Is your website losing you business or is it Mobile Friendly?

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We live in a fast paced world where people want answers now, not when they get back to the office or computer. This has led to a dramatic increase in mobile (phone or tablet) users. In late 2013 the mobile users became the majority of online users. The average percentage for online users in 2016 is 65-70% are on mobile devices.

Google is following these trends closely and is now boosting rankings of mobile friendly sites above non mobile friendly blog The image to the right was taken direct from Googles Webmaster Central blog.

So not only are users preferring Mobile Friendly sites now Google is boosting Moblie Friendly pages. This can be catastrophic for some businesses, not only are you losing clients to your competition because your site is not mobile friendly and now your going to lose your rankings which means less traffic to your website.

Go to the Google Developers, Mobile Friendly Tester below and enter your website address to see if you are losing potential clients or if you are moving up the rankings with Googles help.

If it doesn’t pass the test Contact us today to look at affordable options to get your site mobile friendly.