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Did you just type in SEO Newmarket in Google? Well if you did you have proved to yourself the Search Engine Optimization works. Over the past 2 to 3 years there have been several major Google algorithms the VY Web Design have been able to capitalize on.SEO - Newmarket These algorithms push our competitors out of the way and let our rankings move higher and higher each month.

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One of the latest changes is the speed at which Google works and awards ranking growth. In February of 2015 VY Web design and SEO experts from around the world have noticed Google slowing down ranking moves. What this is saying is that Google is quit confident in there ability to provide quality content to there audience. They don’t need to jump on every flash in the pan site that appears popular for the month. I

They are now making sites prove themselves over a longer period of time than ever before. For most SEO experts this might seem troubling, to us we have come to realize patience is important and stay true to your SEO strategy will pay off over the long haul.

One of the most important SEO features of a website is the site structure. Google is a machine, it cannot think for itself or change it’s mind. So we need to create a clear structure for Google indexing robots to following and retrieve data. VY Web Design might be the only SEO you ever meet that know the correct file structure.  Contact us to help you get your website working for you.

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Proper SEO not only includes Title tags, Keyword Density, Alt Tags Meta Description and content, it also needs a clear and concise path for Search Engines to follow. It’s easier said than done, 95% SEO experts out there have no clue to site structure.

So if you are looking for an SEO Expert in Newmarket give us a call today at 705-795-6251 or drop us a line at

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