Get your own fully functioning Ecom store up and online in 7 days.

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  • No monthly memberships

  • Limited time only at 1/2 the normal price.

The world needs solutions and your online business can help your clients get what they need and


VY Web Design wants to be the solution to your Small Business needs

and can get you up and running in 7 days.

The world moved online well before COVID-19, but now Ecom is a necessity to keep your Virtual Doors open.

VY Web Design, providing solutions for Today and Tomorrow, since 2001.

How this all works:

1. Fill out the form below to initiate the project.

2. We contact you directly and kick off the project.

3. We collect your Product data thru our ECOM PROJECT INTAKE FORM, you must have a Google Gmail.

4. You upload your Logo, Images and Product Images to  our Google Drive.

5. Once you have uploaded all the images and product info, the 7 day count down has begun.

6. Day 8 your selling online.

Here is an example of what you will get.

The Payment getaway has been temporarily shut off for this example.


Integration and Marketing

Your Investment

Normal Price for a Custom Ecommerce Store with 50 products starts at $4000.

We want to help our neighbours out in a time of need, so we are providing a high end Template, Ecommerce Store with 50 products and all the functionally including Shipping Integration with Canada Post at $2000, half the price.

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For more information email us at or call 647 493 3662

Established in 2001 in Barrie Ontario. See our testimonials here.

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Tips for marketing your New Ecommerce Store will be sent you once the project is complete.

1. Free Marketing Ideas to get visitors to your website.

2. Advertising Campaign Options will be sent as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I collect money from our online store?

Our System is set up for Woo-commerce which seamlessly integrates with Paypal click

We also work with SQUARE , click for more details.

What Ecommerce platform and CMS will we be using?

WordPress and Woo commerce only. We are not working with Shopify, or any other CMS.  If you would like to learn about Woo-commerce capabilities go to

Does your Ecom system integrate with our POS system?

We are using Woo-commerce and it has several POS integrations available. Please review the list of POS partners here at:

These third party tools (POS) have additional costs, you will have to purchase a License Key from them directly.

We will also have additional fees to integrate these third party tools (POS) and will be billed out an an hourly rate of $65 per hour. Each project will have different billable hours.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for:

– Photos

– Written Content

– Product Information, including shipping box size & weight.

I don’t have a Website but would like to start an Ecom Store.

Go to Sitegorund for your Domain Registration and Hosting we recommend them for their excellent service and quality hosting. Select “GROW BIG” and set up your account. It will prompt you to purchase a Domain or Enter an Existing Domain, then proceed to check out. If you have issues please call them, their service is excellent. Once this is done fill out our sign up form and we will do the rest.

How do I let people know about our New Ecom Store?

We will send you a list of helpful Marketing Tips to get the sales coming in.

Do I need new Hosting for this New Ecom Store?

No we will use your existing Hosting. We will need access to your Hosting or C-panel.

Can I keep my existing website?

Absolutely, if you want to keep your existing website we will install your New Ecom Store on a Sub Domain of your website ( When you fill out the ECOM INTAKE FORM you will be asked to input your Hosting or C-panel USERNAME and PASSWORD. You can change the password once we are done. If you have an IT person on staff you can get them to add the sub domain and give us the C-Panel USERNAME and PASSWORD.

For more information email us at or call 647 493 3662

Established in 2001 in Barrie Ontario See our testimonials here.